Engineering Mathematics

Course Description:

This course is concerned with mathematical methods and techniques typically used in engineering and industry. Here we study Fouries analysis including Fouries series and Fourier integral, partial differential equations and complex analysis.

Course Textbook:

Erwin Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, John Wiley & Sons, Tenth Edition.

Office Hours:

Please go to and choose a suitable time slot in the non-blocked areas.


Homework: 10%

Midterm: 40%

Final: 50%


Midterm exam is on 7/5/2014(17/2/93).

Final exam is on ?/?/2014(?/?/92).


You are allowed and encouraged to work on the homework with groups of your classmates. The purpose of the homework is to practice with the material and to improve your understanding. We encourage you to learn from each other, and also to ask us when you have questions. However, the homework solutions that you hand over for grading must be written individually. Be sure that you understand the reasoning for each problem, even if you initially solved the problem with help from your classmates.


The tool we will be using is MATLAB.

MIT open course on Mathematics


Maktabkhooneh (it contains video lectures on Engineering Mathematics in Farsi)



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